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I am a Producer, Builder, and Properties Artisan with almost a decade of experience, residing in Oakland, CA. I love thinking on my toes, using resourcefulness, and working with a multitude of materials. Being embedded in the music and nightlife avenue in both Oakland and San Francisco for years I can attest to having a far reaching network which includes the perfect mix of musicians, artists, and cultural ambassadors. I believe that attracting and building long ­term relationships with clients and co-workers is key. I am also a high energy designer and builder with 8 years of maker's know-how. Creativity aside, being hands-on, a sweeping materials knowledge, efficiency, and follow ­through are my strongholds. I live to keep learning.


  • Highly organized  
  • Resourceful troubleshooter
  • Flexible and personable
  • Scopius network of artists, foundries, communities, etc.
  • Wide range of skills from carpentry to watercolor


Prop Master / Prop Artisan for San Francisco Shakespeare Festival // "Hamlet" // Bay Area, CA // 2017

  • Find, purchase, or fabricate and allocate all properties for Hamlet // 4 month run.
  • Manage properties budget 
  • Upkeep of weapons
  • Manage corresponding props with stage cues and characters. 

Fabricator for Exit Reality // Oakland, CA // 2017

  • Create modular hubs for virtual reality experiences
  • Build walls and cover exterior with patchwork riveted aluminum sheet metal
  • Create cushions for interior of space
  • Create shop drawings for projects and create custom modular hub parts

Build Crew / Carpentry Team for Star Star Roadhouse // Burning Man // 2016-2017

  • Build 6 tier seating for large venue
  • Assemble venue stage
  • Lead shade structure assembly for 120 crew members
  • Part of land survey crew

Producer / Designer / Builder for Art Department with MAKEBIGART //­ San Francisco, CA // 2010-Current

  • Artist and PA, Stripe Conference at Pier 38 :: 2016
  • Decor Lead, Ghost Ship Halloween for the VIP Area at Pier 70 :: 2016
  • Artist and PA, Hive Conference at The Palace of Fine Arts :: 2016
  • Artist and Builder, Chandeliers for BIGONE at Bill Graham Auditorium :: 2015
  • Lead Artist, Ghost Ship Halloween for The Junkyard at Pier 70 :: 2015 
  • Lead Stage Design, Spring Gala for Exploratorium SF :: 2014
  • Lead Artist, Ghost Ship Halloween for The Voodoo Apothecary :: 2013

Producer for Guerilla Science­'s "Guerilla Science at Symbiosis Gathering" // Oakland, CA // 2016

Responsibilities were, but not limited to:

  • Planned, facilitated, and executed over 40 hours of programming over a 3 day span as the West Coast contingent to Guerilla Science based out of New York.
  • On-boarded Hosts, AV techs, Doctors, Artists, Musicians, Decor team, Production Assistants.
  • Was the West Coast Project Manager, on-site Manager, and main Materials Buyer. 
  • Acted as shipping liaison and ensured safe transport of goods, furniture, televisions, props, back to New York,

Prop Artisan for San Francisco Shakespeare Festival // "Winter's Tale" // Bay Area, CA // 2016

  • Built 16' tall Bunraku style bear puppet from wood, cardboard, upholstery foam, various faux fur, PVC.
  • Worked under Technical Director, Properties Master, Artistic Director, and Set Designer.
  • Managed small budget and expenses for contracted project.
  • Informed Puppet Master and taught Puppeteers how to control the giant puppet from behind a wall with proper cuing and stage direction.

Artist / Production Assistant for Kulturhaus's "World's Shortest Parade" // Alameda, CA // 2016

  • Designed and painted large wooden Stand-In cut-outs for child-parent photo opportunities. 
  • Made sure operations were smoothly on-site  including setting up barricades and commiserating with guests.
  • Managed small budget and expenses for contracted project.

Artist / Builder for Bungie Head Quarters's "Destiny Release Day" // San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA // 2014

  • One of 5 artists who built full a 30' long enemy ship from Bungie's game Destiny.
  • Constructed tail, top exhaust, and undercarriage fans.
  • Helped pack, transport, and install at Bungie HQ.

Clients include Exploratorium SF, The Palace of Fine Arts, Pier 70 Partners, Symbiosis Gathering, Bungie, Bill Graham Auditorium, HUSH Productions


Graphic Design // Academy of Art University ­// San Francisco, CA, USA // 2008-2010

General Art // Western Michigan University ­// Kalamazoo, MI, USA // 2002-2006